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Diaries of a Yoga Student: Week 4

Week four, wow, you have come and gone so fast. We’re already a third of the way through, yet I feel like the knowledge I’m learning could continue on the rest of my life. It was Friday evening when I realized that we had already completed a substantial chunk of the training and suddenly, I felt a sadness wash over me. I don’t want it to be over in 8 weeks, I want to keep learning!

As if he read my mind, we were greeted by Luke Wientzen, a Virginia native that had migrated out to San Diego in the 80’s. A lifelong student, Luke joined us at Indie Yoga to share a journey of growth through his practice. Much like many of us, Luke was skeptical when he was first invited to take a surf flow vinyasa class at Bird Rock Yoga.

As a surfer, Luke kept in great shape, but when he experienced his first flow he had an awakening of a much greater reality: a reality that the universe is inside each and every one of us. We just need to continue to search for it.

The Ebb and Flow

Luke’s path as a yogi has encountered an ebb and flow of enlightenment, injuries, experiences, and knowledge. His experiences were relatable and humble but packed a punch of inspiration and encouragement for each and every one of us. Most importantly, we were taught that although our teacher training may come to a close faster than we expected, there is no shortage of knowledge for us to stumble upon once we finish.

I left that night feeling a spark of curiosity beaming through my veins. What next steps can I take to further my knowledge? How can I offer this feeling of ecstasy I feel to others? Will I ever be an inspiration to a bright-eyed yogi?

Where The Mind and Body Meet

The excitement of education continued on throughout the weekend as we were visited by another guest on Saturday. Jill’s teacher, Soleil Hepner, joined the entire class this time to share the world of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. While some of us were able to experience her magic last weekend, it was powerful to feel the entire community together. Soleil holds space for individuals in a way that makes even the most closed off person want to pour out their soul. Not many would expect for simple physical poses to expose areas of struggle in our mind, but that’s exactly what yoga therapy does. Her engaging and soothing communication with you is simply beautiful – I’ve already scheduled another session!

Although I approached the weekend with heartache, I left feeling energized and excited to know that the learning never ends as long as we stay eager. Just like we learn from each other every weekend, we have opportunities to continue our education on and off the mat.