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Diaries of a Yoga Student: Week 6

It’s finally Friday and I find myself skipping to class, yoga mat in hand with my Fallon-inspired crop top and giddy like I’m going to Disneyland for the first time. Fallon has us to herself this weekend and judging by the memo to bring essential oils to class, I was ready to dive deep into the world of adjustments.

Adjustments and Breakthroughs

Adjustments, also known as the time you spend making your students love you, are now one of my favorite ways to connect to students. It’s a one-on-one transfer of love from one being to another and makes you feel oh-so special. Seriously, it’s like getting picked first in gym.

With loving intentions set, each of us dove hands first, sans creepy fingers, into adjustments. Being that this is such an intimate part of teaching yoga, we spent quite a bit of time learning proper adjustments for postures throughout our series and practicing on each other with the help of China Gel and Lemongrass essential oils – my favorites!

My a-ha moment came as we were working through adjustments in the Warrior series. Not only are we directly communicating with one student while giving adjustments, but we are also using our own hands to transmit information on each pose as we work through it with the student. It’s a powerful non-verbal approach to teaching and can safely transform a student’s practice when done with the right intention.

Closer To The Finish Line

Our Saturday was filled with new postures in the sequence getting us closer and closer to the finish line. We worked on our Crescent Triangle series in groups and finished with a student-led class. Everyone continues to amaze me more and more every weekend with their skills and it’s incredible to see personalities start to shine through their teaching style.

Shout out to Lele for teaching such a beautiful sequence, you are a shining star!

Energy In is Energy Up!

I love this phrase. While it relates to the inversions we were taught by Mark Keahi, I think it’s safe to say it can cover a whole range of progression in life. Mark joined us on Sunday to teach us the basics of inversions including the forearm headstand, tripod headstand, and handstands. We learned the beauty of the “cat puke” muscle and that we all have really great shoulder mobility – go us!

The foundation of inversions can speak for so many different poses, including downward dog and high plank. By understanding hand placement, shoulder extension, and the beauty of being stacked, we create a strong foundation that allows us to practice in a way that is safe and long-lasting for our bodies.

This weekend has left me energized and eager to teach, observe, and ADJUST! I feel as if the puzzle pieces of all the information that we’ve been downloaded over the past six weeks is beginning to connect together and the teacher within is starting to break through. As we move into the second half of teacher training, I am ready to dive in, get out there and start teaching, and own it!