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What I Learned From Indie Yoga’s Teacher Training

What I Learned From Indie Yoga’s Teacher Training

Certificate in hand, I left Indie Yoga with a bittersweet feeling in my heart. I was so proud of myself and my group for everything we had gone through over the past three months. The ups, the downs, the upside downs, all of it was a wild journey that we had conquered together and a part of me didn’t want it to end. What we created over the course of teacher training was magic and I have yet to find anything in the world quite like this.

Teacher training at Indie Yoga is more than learning the proper ways to queue someone into a yoga posture. It’s all the space in between those postures; it’s the journey and dance your mind, body, and soul takes to get there. There was never a point in time when we would look outside of ourselves to find the teacher that we’d become by the end of training, it was always something inside of us.

Yin and Yang

Being led by Jill and Fallon was a gift. A true duo mirroring yin and yang, there wasn’t a single moment when any of us felt detached from them. Both teachers cared deeply about our growth and success, it was clear from the moment we rolled out our mats on the first night.

I learned from Jill the power of belief, trust, and surrender. She showed me how to have faith and has opened me up to a world of magical love. Jill knit together our community and led us down a path of transformational growth that you just don’t get in many trainings. Fallon provided me with the tools, the confidence, and the excitement to take this teacher training to the next level. She is the definition of anything is possible, constantly breaking boundaries and proving that she is the ultimate bad ass. Together, they brought a sweet synchronization to what being a yoga teacher truly means, and without their guidance I don’t think I’d be standing here ready today.

A Community Like No Other

I wasn’t expecting to fall head over heels for yoga and the community of Indie Yoga. I knew I’d be given tools to teach a class, but I didn’t know that my life would be touched by so many remarkable human beings. The weekly special guest workshop provided us a taste of yogic life outside asana and taught us many valuable lessons you don’t come across often.

As a community, we laughed together, cried together, taught together, and grew together. I made some incredible connections with some of the most beautiful, kind people I’ve ever encountered. I opened my heart to 24 individuals in the span of three months and I am so happy I made the decision to pursue my teacher training at Indie Yoga.

Heres some magical things we learned, and I hope you learn as well if planning to enroll in next year’s training:

The main thing I took away was from the first night when Jill and later Jana said “Life is happening for you not to you.” That has helped me examine what’s currently happening and recognize what I am supposed to be learning. – Cara Catalina, Indie Yoga YTT 2016

I came feeling uniquely out of place, and discovered solidarity among a diverse bunch of humans daring to be human in a space where trust and vulnerability are celebrated as strengths. What I was able to learn is that the most important thing we can do in life is to be unabashedly authentic–to cast away perception and embrace truth. To do that well, is to be absolutely unafraid. – Zach Birmingham, Indie Yoga YTT 2016

The biggest takeaway I received from teacher training was the idea that teaching yoga goes so much deeper than just a “sweaty 1 hour class”. It is an art. It is love. It is showing others the compassionate layers within, that they did not know they possessed. It is the sharing of an intimate inward journey, fueled by breath. – Summer Alvarez, Indie Yoga YTT 2016

Everything we need to know, we already do. – John Trupiano, Indie Yoga YTT

Thank you, Charity, Jill, Fallon, Indie, and my class of 2016.

We are the light in this world that is going to make an impact.