OB's OG Hot Yoga Studio

You Are Not A Drop in the Ocean, You are the ocean in a Drop - Rumi

OB's OG Hot Yoga Studio

You Are Not A Drop in the Ocean, You are the ocean in a Drop - Rumi

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Where the Soul Meets the Sea, in Ocean Beach

Welcome to Indie Yoga, the first hot yoga studio of the Ocean Beach community in San Diego. Proud of our roots and committed to our mission, we offer a serene sanctuary amidst the vibrant buzz of the neighborhood.

Heat transforms — and in our hot yoga studio, it becomes an integral part of your journey. It intensifies each asana, elevates your practice, and amplifies the sense of calm and release. At Indie Yoga, you're not stepping into a mere studio, but a home where every individual is cherished, every class is a collective journey, and every session brings you closer to your authentic self.

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Absolutely amazing. I’ve been teaching yoga for 8 years but I’ve never taken such an intuitive, mindful class that felt so boundless. [...] It felt fun, easy going, but definitely a great workout. Highly recommend if you want to try something different and new.

Mixed Yoga Arts

I generally like a harder class but this class really helped calm my mind and help me relax which was really perfect for a Friday afternoon. I felt like my whole weekend was better.

Vinyasa 2

Awesome flow today. Started my day off just right. I appreciated the music today which included Lettuce, one of my favorite bands.

Vinyasa 1

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