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Sun, Dec 10 7:00pm

Manifestation Alchemy Workshop w/Alex Callahan

New Moon Cacao Ceremony Join Alex for a night of cacao, embodied movement, manifestation, magic, and connection. We will start the Sagittarius new moon off with an In depth cacao ceremony and meditation where we drop into our bodies, deepest desires, journaling and learn about the ceremonial power and history of cacao. Following our cacao ceremony we will drop more into our bodies through a heated embodiment hatha flow. The last hour of this workshop we will be vision boarding our manifestations with extra charged energy on one of the most powerful new moons of the year. Expect collaging, sharing, and realigning with your vision with a supportive community. There is power in gathering to be witnessed and speaking your intentions into reality. We cant wait to guide you through a transformational evening to help you re align with what you want to create for yourself.

$40 for Members, $50 for Non-Members

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Fri, Dec 15 7:00pm

Deep Yin & Restore w/Mae

Think Yin Yoga, but with more of those nurturing hands-on adjustments and gentle massage we love so much. This is an invitation to deeply reset and nourish your body, mind and spirit, to influence your life beyond the mat. We will slow down, clarify intentions, reset with deep, gentle yin postures, and an option to share tea after. Bring a mat, journal and pillow.


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Wed, Jan 17 12:00am

50 hour Yoga Sculpt Training with Abigail McHugh

Embark on a transformative journey with our 50-hour Intensive Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training. Whether you crave a quick, high-energy program or want to infuse strength training into your yoga routine, this course is a game-changer. Master the art of combining yoga, strength training, and cardio in one dynamic class. Learn the Yoga Sculpt sequence, explore anatomy, and gain skills to teach engaging classes. Our comprehensive program includes in-studio sessions, self-guided clinical hours, and flexible payment plans. Secure your spot with a $300 non-refundable deposit. Enjoy benefits like a 1-month unlimited membership, Indie Yoga Swag Bag, educational training, and new sculpt buddies for life. Led by Training Leader Abigail McHugh, a certified yoga instructor and former athletic trainer, our training prioritizes individual differences. Early bird pricing of $999 available until Dec 18th; after that, it's $1,199. Enroll now for top-notch education, workshops from special guests, and empower yourself to become the best yoga sculpt instructor. Reach out to Abigail via Instagram @essentiallyrab with any questions!


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