Meet the Team

You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret: All the best people are - Alice in Wonderland

John Jay

John Jay discovered the benefits of a regular yoga practice while playing football at the University of San Diego. After completing trainings in both Hatha and Power Vinyasa styles, John Jay began instructing in 2010. Yoga’s vast array of traditions, schools and teachers allows each Yogi to blaze their own path organically; something that continues to excite him as both a student and teacher. As Lao Tzu said, “A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving." Currently, John Jay is helping both novice and experienced Yogis evolve their practice, as both Manager of Indie Yoga and co-leader of Indie's Teacher Training Program. Look out for his Breathwork & Ice Bath Workshops, as well as Wellness Retreats and 1-on-1 training.

You can always begin again

Abigail McHugh

Abigail is from New Jersey, where she grappled with anxiety and depression until yoga and meditation helped me gain control of my mind and overcome my battles. These practices empowered her to master her mind, prompting her athletic and leadership-driven spirit to share her revelations with others. Relocating to Ocean Beach (OB) in 2015, she deepened her commitment by undergoing transformative Yoga Teacher Training at Indie Yoga. Watching the transformation of the hearts, mind, and spirits while building a relationship with her students is what keeps bringing her back to teach.

Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles, and the water is clear; can you remain unmoving until the right action arises by itself? - Lao Tzu

Laura Gibson

I first found yoga in 2014 when I was suffering from chronic back pain. Yoga helped alleviate not only some of my physical pain, but more importantly it helped lift me out of the depression I had been battling for years. I truly believe that yoga saved my life. I knew that I wanted to share the mental and physical benefits of this practice with others after experiencing so much healing myself. I obtained my 200hr YTT certificate in 2018 at Indie, and nothing brings me more joy than facilitating growth and healing within others. I strive to offer classes that are accessible to students of all levels and abilities, with a focus on finding one's inner strength and connecting to one's inner voice. Outside of the studio, you can find me trying out a new recipe, cuddling with a friend's pet, or getting down to some funky techno."

Be happy for this moment, this moment is your life.

Jess Ghanma

Yoga provides the luxury of discovering a safe place within yourself. In my class you will be encouraged to tune in, to breathe deeply, BE consciously, and move in a strategic way. My goal as a guide is to provide you the space and confidence to move freely and openly, with your own authenticity. In class students have the opportunity for lots of freedom to further move through their own unique needs, wants, and cravings. Come to class for the vibes under a low light room and flowy playlist, but stay for what you discover about yourself each and every time.

Sometimes the things we think are lost are only hidden, waiting to be rediscovered. -Anthony Doerr

Dani Coleman

Dani is a registered yoga teacher, spiritual movement facilitator, social activist, and published author. She has a passion for self-expression through movement and exploring the conscious and subconscious aspects of herself. After living with an impending need for self-discovery and searching for resilience from trauma, Dani centered her practice and teachings around feminine embodiment and somatic healing through spiritual guidance. When she is outside of the yoga studio, you might find her buying or selling second-hand fashion, practicing her amateur dancing skills, or enjoying all that nature has to offer both near and far.

The past is unchangeable. The future hasn’t happened yet. So be in this moment now!


Gianna Mauceri is a sound healer, spiritual counselor, integrative healer, Author, and has completed three different yoga teacher trainings. She believes that inner healing is the medicine the world needs, and is passionate about sharing this message in her classes.


Mae's teaching style is deep and intuitive. As a teacher, her joy lies in co-creating a space with others to explore their own unique expressions and bring greater awareness to the body and mind, subsequently influencing life beyond the mat. Her classes are heavily influenced by her work as a massage therapist; combining elements of yoga, meditation, and massage. Mae's love for yoga began as a teenager in New York. A seed was planted upon realizing the transformational benefits of yoga, and she began teaching in 2013. Mae completed her second YTT in 2017, and has taught and led workshops at studios, festivals, Stanford University, events, and fitness centers throughout the years."

Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better. - Albert Einstein

Megan Singh

Megan has been readily and steadily riding the wave of yoga since 2012. Since 2012, she has moved up and down the vibrant West Coast, currently enjoying the sun-filled, salty breeze embrace of San Diego. Through her moves, Megan has gotten a chance to try a kaleidoscope of yoga styles and practice with some really awesome teachers, absorbing their wisdom like sunbeams. Although very influenced by some of her teachers, Megan walks in her own footprints on the sands of yoga, and brings her own unique way of teaching to the mat. Megan likes to teach a well-rounded class that blends creativity, dynamic energy, and a nice splash of challenge. She's all about those surf-y flows and playful transitions - but also with every practice a chance to give you a ride on the currents of empowerment and a chance to help you surf the seas of your own potential. Hang loose, dive in, and hope to see you on your mat! RYT 200 (Bird Rock Yoga, 2019) RYT 200 (Indie Yoga OB, 2022)

Life is completely a mystery, or better yet magic. For me, it comes down to trusting life & acting as if that trust was real... -James T. Hubble, Artist


I believe that the simple action of showing up on your mat creates a ripple effect of positivity to many other seemingly unrelated aspects of your life. I love to create an atmosphere filled with great music, unity in breath, equal parts ferocity and gentleness, and of course lots of deliciously sweet & sweaty detoxification! In 2017 I completed YTT at Indie Yoga and consider it one of the is best places on the planet.


Caroline is passionate about guiding beings towards their remembrance of their own inner healer through the path of yoga. In her classes she integrates the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga as tools to guide her students in the realization that "you are your own medicine". Her classes are a safe and sacred space for you to tune into your inner awareness and learn something new about yourself each time.

The best way to know who you are, is to distinguish from who and what you are not - inspired by Yoga Sutra 2.26

Sara Lev

Sara's yoga journey began in 2012 during her travels in Tel Aviv, Israel. As someone with a dance background, she immediately felt drawn to the physical practice, recognizing the discipline and release it offered for not only mental and emotional well-being but also spiritual growth. In 2013, while pursuing a degree in speech-language pathology, she completed her first YTT, discovering the profound connection between language and creative expression in the context of yoga. This realization motivated her to explore further, leading her to embrace Ashtanga Yoga and undertake a second YTT in 2017, deepening her understanding of yoga's traditions and honing her teaching skills. Despite her full-time role as a speech-language pathologist, Sara continues to share her passion for Yoga. Her teaching style is a harmonious fusion of diverse and challenging elements, anchored in yoga's foundations while fostering innovation and inspiration. As she blends the ancient traditions with modern innovation, Sara's classes are a beautiful reflection of her passion and dedication to yoga and its transformative potential. Whether she is guiding newcomers or experienced practitioners, Sara's classes provide a safe and welcoming space where all can explore, evolve, and discover the profound beauty of yoga.

You are the sky and everything else is just the weather

Asia Casebolt

I'm Asia! I've done multiple trainings surrounding Anusara, Hatha, Meditation and Vinyasa. I found my authentic voice while I lived and taught yoga in Spain and continued exploring Vedic knowledge and meditation while I lived and traveled in India. I teach around Tantric philosophy. This means that everything we experience in practice is a portal back to our own divinity. I am a playful person and that reflects in my classes. My favorite things are my dog, cookies and thrift shopping.

“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way. -MLK"


Victoria brings her warm, radiant, energy everywhere she goes. Her yoga journey started over a decade ago. It began as a new way to keep herself active and slowly transformed into a passion for learning about herself and staying connected to what nourishes her soul. After discovering the healing power of meditation through a wellness course in college, her calling to help others deepen their connection to themselves and the power of yoga and meditation began to blossom. Her studies have included earning her 500 hour yoga certification and yin yoga certification. She is always looking for ways to expand her knowledge in order to help others in every way she can. Outside the studio you can find her hiking, laying at the beach, or cuddling with her cat Pickles. Come flow with Victoria if you need a little sunshine in your life!

Let the good land. - by my dear friend Lauren Higgins-Davidson.


I first learned yoga in South Africa in 1999. Yoga has been an integral part of my life since then. It has been with me through the best times and the hardest times. Yoga has healed my body so many times and given me strength and peace and joy. It has been my anchor when life has thrown curve balls my way. I am honored to be able to share my practice of yoga with you. Come flow with me and experience the joy of yoga.

Jonathan Old-Rowe

My first yoga class was in a yoga teacher training in 2000. after the teacher training ended i immediately began teaching for the studio that led the training. classes then were 90 mins… sometimes i taught 6 a day. i started teaching because it kept me away from a very different lifestyle, and the idea of mystical powers and ancient wisdom seemed super romantic. now yoga feels like a very healthy way to be part of our beautiful ever evolving world of conciousness and creates great communities of people. all of my best friends are into yoga and it’s varying levels of experience.

Best Case Scenario


"I began my yogi journey in 2015 at Indie Yoga. My roots are nourished here. I learned how to cultivate a practice and show up for myself here. Indie gave me a safe place to learn and grow. It is an honor and privilege to share yoga as an instructor at Indie. Yoga is a blueprint to my freedom and sharing it gives me purpose and joy! This community is home. Former teacher/coach from Ohio took a chance on life and landed in Ocean Beach in 2012. OB is my Home! Your Life is worth Living! Shine your Light!"

Colby Crispeno

Hey everybody! I'm originally from Seattle, Washington but moved down to San Diego to get some more vitamin D. I love to surf, hike with my dog, climb, camp, and cook with friends. I am passionate about the mind/ body/soul connection, as well as trauma-informed yoga. I want everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin and work to facilitate everybody's ability to tap into their own strength through the power of mindful movement and presence of breath. Yoga and other embodied practices have been instrumental in my own healing and wholeness and I wish to invite others into this spacious place.

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